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Rel Davis and his wife, Edith Sloan, volunteered for the Peace Corps in the Spring of 2000. After a year of medical testing, etc. (both are retired), they were invited to serve in the Peace Corps in Bulgaria.

They left for Bulgaria June 20, 2001, for three months training in Panagyurishte, Bulgaria.

They have now been sworn in as Peace Corps volunteers and are living in the small town of Straldja, on the plains of eastern Bulgaria. Straldja is an hour west of Bourgas, the Black Sea coast resort, and just to the south of the Stara Planina (Old Mountains), what Bulgarians call the Balkan Range.

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Rel's weekly Newsletter from Bulgaria.

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Edith's weekly Newsletter from Bulgaria.

The First several letters.

Edith's letter from 9/10/01

Edith's letter from 9/16/01

Edith's letter from 9/20/01

Edith's letter from 9/26/01

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Photos from Spring 2002 KOUKERI!

Rel is retired both as a Unitarian Universalist minister and as a computer specialist with the U.S. Government. He is a former journalist and has been a newspaper reporter, newspaper editor, advertising agency copywriter and government public information officer.

Edith is a retired school administrator. She has been a teacher, consultant and trainer. She has a doctorate in school administration from Indiana University. Edith's interests include pottery, water-color painting, hand-quilt-making, and clogging


Contact Rel by e-mail: reldavis@yahoo.com.or at: reldavis@juno.com.

Contact Edith by e-mail: drsloan42@yahoo.com

Our passport photos! Edith. Rel.

Edith's mugshot. Mugshot.

View our photo album.


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Edith's school page.

Rel's Straldja page.

Pictures of our apartment and blok.

Here's an article Rel wrote on Straldja

And if you'd like to hear the national anthem of Bulgaria, try this page..

Here is Rel's "Preliminary Needs Assessment" for Straldja Municipality.

Try this link to get to the website for Straldja Municipality. It's in Cyrillic, but if you surf around a bit you'll find some nice photos of the town and surrounding area.

Some PHOTOS of Bulgaria. Quality is bad since my digital camera gave up the ghost somewhere over the Atlantic.

Bill and Pat (my brother and sister-in-law) gave me a new digital camera for my birthday and it's a doozie! Here are some photos taken the first day I got it: Rosie, Dobi and Ditchko."

Water buffalo anyone? Here's a press release on a unique new health food, and the farm outside Straldja that produces it.